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Adroit offers engaging ways to gain valuable market insights and expand your knowledge on topics that matter to you.

Explore new issues of our quarterly newsletter, The Adroit View. Learn more about our Expert Speaker Series events.

The Adroit View brings valuable, up-to-date market insights from our portfolio team every quarter.

Articles vary from the “Market Moment,” which looks at market influences around the world, to “In Our Own Backyard,” which focuses on topics most relevant in Western Canada.

Here are the latest issues:

 Issue 8, January 2016, Before reaching for yield, Check under the hood

The first issue of the Adroit View for 2016 covers topics such as, what to look out for when investing in high yielding securities, and the market volatility associated in China. 

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 Issue 7, September 2015, "Think Like Warren, Act Like Spock" - Learn to Love the Market Crash

Want to learn more about the Market Crash? Take a look at the lead article of our last Adroit View! Also included is information about how Market Indices work and of course, another employee spotlight for you to get to know our team better!


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 Issue 6, April 2015, PIRP, ZIRP, NIRP

The feature article for the sixth issue of the Adroit View discusses the low interest rate environment that we are in. Also included is the employee spotlight, get to know a member of Adroit's team! 

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 Issue 5, January 2015, Oil: Another Bumpy Ride!

The fifth issue of the Adroit View looks into the oil price decrease, as well as gives readers a better understanding of TFSA contributions.

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 Issue 4, September 2014, Geopolitics & Investing, a Historical Review

The fourth issue of the Adroit View explores the benefits of Historical Reviews, and explains the concept of Beta. This issue also invites you to a Complimentary Estate Planning Session!

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 Issue 3, June 2014, Yields and the art of fortune-telling

Our lead article explores the nature of anticipating yields and the many factors that affect them. Other articles look employment rates: in the US, improvement in employment has not been reflected in the economy; in Alberta, a strong economy has encouraged new opportunities.

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 Issue 2, March 2014, #bitcoin101 #bitcoinmania

The second issue of the new Adroit View focuses on smart, patient investing. Our lead article explains the basics of the fascinating and volatile new item on the investment scene: Bitcoin.

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 Issue 1, January 2014, A Different View

The Adroit View has a different look going into 2014. The new View will give us the opportunity to address more than one topic per quarter. Our lead article takes a look at what we can expect from bonds in the coming years. This issue, “In Our Own Backyard” looks at the price of oil.

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Our Expert Speaker Series covers a range of topics relevant to clients and potential clients. Check out our upcoming and past events: 


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Good Board Governance, January 2014

Carolyn Graham, Vice President & Chief Accountant of Canadian Western Bank, shared her knowledge on good board governance.

Carolyn shared her deep experience and wisdom in the areas of governance and effective leadership for volunteer boards. A local Edmonton business leader and avid philanthropist, Carolyn currently volunteers as the Board Chair of Habitat for Humanity Edmonton where she has been involved in transforming Habitat Edmonton’s culture and capacity from building only a few homes each year to almost 100 homes every year.